Are you still struggling to get a score of visitors to your website? And if you are lucky to get some, do they convert on your website? If your answers to these questions are not a resounding “yes,” then you need to know these important SEO tips for your website.

Keep your pages updated

If your pages are still stuck with the content you created two years ago, you are lucky to get a single visitor. Stale content is a number one killer of many websites. No one is ready to use information that is no longer relevant. It is time you give your website a facelift by creating new content.web design

It is not about you; it is about the readers

It is tempting that you would want your website to meet your preferences. You would want to tell your story and make everything about you. You could never be more wrong about this one. Your website should be about the visitors and not you. Let your content be for the visitors.

Do not be obsessed with sales

It is understandable you would want to make as many conversions as possible. Well, every website owner would give anything to make conversions. However, do not let that obsession destroy your objectivity. You should find
some space and time to give your visitors something to help them in their daily lives. It could be a simple DIY or information to help solve common problems.

Research on your keywords

Today, it is easy to know what people are searching online. You need to research what the masses are interested in. Once you find out you should use that intelligence to come up with your keywords.

Keywords are your fast lane to more traffic and conversions. As long as your content reflects what people are searching, your website will become a beehive of activity.

Go mobile with your web design and content

go mobileThe world has turned into mobile. You are barking the wrong tree if your website is not mobile-friendly. Millions of internet browsers use mobile devices to surf the internet. Millions of others are buying mobile devices every day. It is no brainer that you need to make the switch and let the masses find your website. Gone are the days when desktop browsing was the only way to access the internet, and you should have realized that a long time ago.

Use links to your advantage

Use of links may be an old SEO trick, but it still has so much to offer. With appropriate links, your content will be visible on many platforms and to a majority of online visitors. Use links from other credible websites. On the reverse, ask other credible sites to use your content links on their pages. It is a smart strategy to get to the masses, and you do not have to work for it.

Diversify your content

It is no secret that a majority of online visitors prefer visual content. Throw a few videos on your website. Add some relevant photos and fill up the rest with textual content. Content diversity will make your site stand out.